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Integration for Adobe Sign

Integration for Adobe Sign
Foundation 23.1

Before installing the Integration for Adobe Sign, you must install and configure the Hyland IdP, API Server (which includes the Hyland Electronic Integration Service), and Application Server. For more information on installing and configuring these modules, see the Identity and Access Management Services documentation, the API Server documentation, and the Application Server documentation.


The IIS application pool user for the API Server must have access to IIS resources and permissions to write to the temporary files folder.

In addition, you must configure an Adobe API Application for use with the Integration for Adobe Sign. When configuring OAuth for the Adobe API Application, consider the following:

  • You must configure the Adobe API Application redirect URLs with information specific to your solution). For example:


  • The following scopes are required at minimum:

    • user_read

    • user_login

    • agreement_read

    • agreement_write

See Adobe Sign documentation for information on creating an Adobe API Application.