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Integration for Banner Travel and Expense Management

Integration for Banner Travel and Expense Management
Foundation 22.1

A Document Type must be created in OnBase to store in OnBase documents from the TEM application.

Ensure that the Default File Format for the Document Type is set to Image File Format. The Document Type name can be configured as anything, but it is a best practice to name it TEM Attachment to make configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting easier. The Keyword Types assigned to the Document Type must include all of the Keyword Types created for the Integration for Banner TEM(see Keyword Type Configuration). Other Document Type settings can be left as default.


Document Types are configured using the OnBase Configuration module. For detailed instructions on creating and configuring Document Types, see the Configuration module help files or the System Administration module reference guide.

Suggested Document Type Name

Required Default File Format

Assigned Keyword Types (using suggested names)

TEM Attachment

Image File Format

TEM Activity Date

TEM Create Origin

TEM Create User

TEM Date Origin

TEM Document Name

TEM Document Type

TEM Expense Owner First Name

TEM Expense Owner ID

TEM Expense Owner Last Name

TEM Expense Owner PIDM

TEM Imaging Enabled

TEM Last Modified By

TEM Portfolio ID

TEM Transaction Date

TEM Travel Document ID

TEM Travel Document Type