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Integration for Biscom FAXCOM

Integration for Biscom FAXCOM
Foundation 22.1

In order to successfully deploy the Integration for FAXCOM you must configure the Keyword Types associated with the Document Types used to archive faxes and fax history XML documents. The Fax Connector Service Configuration utility must also be used to configure the rules and settings that determine which faxes are archived.


In order for the Integration for Biscom FAXCOM to correctly import faxes, the Fax Connector Service must write a status note to the Notes field on the FAXCOM server. This means that all existing data in the Notes field will be overwritten when the Fax Connector Service polls for faxes to import. It also means that if the Notes field is altered after the Integration for FAXCOM is installed and running, previously archived faxes may be archived again by the service.