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Integration for Biscom FAXCOM

Integration for Biscom FAXCOM
Foundation 22.1

Rules can be deleted, renamed, and moved up or down using the actions in the Rule Options ribbon group. Rules may need to be moved up and down because they are executed sequentially, from top to bottom in the list.

If a fax meets the conditions of more than one rule, the first rule listed in the configuration takes precedence over the other rules.

To perform an action on a rule, select it in the list in the left pane and click the button in the Rule Options ribbon group, or right click the rule name and select the corresponding action from the right-click menu:



Delete Rule: Delete the selected rule from the configuration.

Rename Rule: Specify a new name for the selected rule.

Copy Rule: Create a new rule with the same configuration as the selected rule. You are prompted to enter a unique name for the copied rule. Edit the copied ruled to match the desired configuration.

Move Rule Up: Move the selected rule up in the list of rules. Rules are executed sequentially, from top to bottom.

Move Rule Down: Move the selected rule down in the list of rules. Rules are executed sequentially, from top to bottom.

After making any changes, click Save Configuration on the Home ribbon to save the changes.


After clicking Save Configuration, the Fax Connector Service begins processing faxes with the new configuration settings. If the service is already processing, the changes take effect immediately. If the service is paused, the changes take effect when Begin Processing is clicked.