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Integration for Biscom FAXCOM

Integration for Biscom FAXCOM
Foundation 22.1

When you create rule conditions, you construct a condition that the incoming fax must meet in order to be archived correctly in OnBase. Rule condition configuration is optional. If you do not configure a condition for a rule, all faxes that match the process status and user permissions will be archived in OnBase.

To create a new rule condition:

  1. Click the + button:
  2. The Rule Conditions dialog box is displayed:
  3. From the Fax Property drop-down list, choose the fax property to use for the rule condition.

    The UserName property is the user name of the mailbox the fax resides in. For detailed information on what data the available fax properties contain, see the documentation provided by Biscom for the FAXCOM server.

  4. From the Condition drop-down list, choose how the selected fax property is compared to the value entered in the Value field.
    • Equals: The value entered matches the fax property. For example, Bob is only a match on bob or Bob.

    • Contains: The value entered is found somewhere in the value of the fax property. For example, Bob is a match in values such as Bob, Bobby, or bobbing for apples.

    • PhoneNumber: Select this option if the fax property is a fax or phone number. This option strips out non-numeric characters in the fax property value before making the comparison. For example, if the fax property is 1-555-555-1234, the value in the Value field is actually compared to 15555551234.

  5. Enter in the Value field the value that the selected fax property must contain, based on the Condition selected.

    If the values being compared are fax or phone numbers, do not enter any formatting for the number in the Value field. For example, if the number being compared is 1-555-555-1234, enter 15555551234 in the Value field.

  6. To add additional Values to the rule, click the + button in the Rule Conditions dialog box.
    Another Value field is added to the Rule Condition allowing you to enter another comparison value.

    Multiple values for one rule are joined by an OR operator, meaning if any of the values entered is a match, the Rule Condition is considered true. For example, if you configure the recipient name fax property with an Equals condition and add Bob and Robert as Value fields, processed faxes can match Bob OR Robert for the Rule Condition to be true.

    To remove additional Value fields, click the X button next to the corresponding value.
  7. Click OK to add the Rule Condition and close the Rule Conditions dialog box.
  8. The configured rule is displayed in the Rule Conditions area of the Rule pane:
  9. Repeat these steps to configure additional rule conditions.

    Multiple Rule Conditions are joined by an AND operator, meaning all of the Rule Conditions must be true for the Rule to be evaluated as true.

    To edit an existing Rule Condition, click the Edit Rule Condition button:
    To remove a Rule Condition, click the Delete Rule Condition button:
  10. Click Save Configuration on the Home ribbon to save the changes.

    After clicking Save Configuration, the Fax Connector Service begins processing faxes with the new configuration settings. If the service is already processing, the changes take effect immediately. If the service is paused, the changes take effect when Begin Processing is clicked.

    To edit a configured rule, click the following button next to the corresponding rule: