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Integration for Biscom FAXCOM

Integration for Biscom FAXCOM
Foundation 22.1

The following General Settings can be configured:



Begin Processing When Service Starts

Select this check box to begin processing faxes as soon as the Fax Connector Service starts. The service is started automatically when Windows starts up.

If this check box is not selected the service is paused automatically at start up. To start processing, click the Begin Processing button on the Home ribbon.

Polling Interval (Minutes)

Type the number of minutes that the service waits before checking the fax server for new faxes and importing to OnBase those faxes that meet the import criteria. The default setting is 0.

The Fax Connector Service archives as many faxes as possible during the polling interval.


Ensure that the polling interval is set to provide a long enough interval for all new faxes to be archived. If there are more faxes to be archived than can be processed during the polling interval, the next polling interval is skipped while the previous batch finishes processing. For performance reasons, you should set the polling interval so that overlaps do not occur.

Start Date/Time and End Date/Time

Specify a start date and time for faxes to be archived in OnBase. Faxes received by the fax server from this date/time forward are archived.

Specify an end date and time for faxes to be archived in OnBase. Faxes received by the fax server before this date/time are archived.

To archive all faxes currently on the server, do not specify a Start or End Date/Time.

Click Save Configuration on the Home ribbon to save the configuration.


After clicking Save Configuration, the Fax Connector Service begins processing faxes with the new configuration settings. If the service is already processing, the changes take effect immediately. If the service is paused, the changes take effect when Begin Processing is clicked.