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Integration for Biscom FAXCOM

Integration for Biscom FAXCOM
Foundation 22.1

Integration for FAXCOM should not be installed on a Microsoft domain controller. Installation on a domain controller may cause permissions incompatibilities that will prevent the fax integration service from starting.

Integration for FAXCOM requires the following:

  • A functioning OnBase Application Server. For complete instructions on installing the OnBase Application Server, see the Application Server module reference guide.


    The OnBase Application Server can be installed anywhere that is reachable via HTTP.

  • A FAXCOM server that is available to OnBase. You must also ensure that the folder on the FAXCOM server that contains the fax files is shared with the Fax Connector Service.

  • A Service Account in OnBase with the rights necessary to archive documents under the Document Types configured for use with Integration for FAXCOM. For complete instructions on configuring a Service Account in OnBase, see the System Administration module reference guide.

  • Port 8008 must be open to allow the Fax Connector Service Configuration utility to communicate with the Fax Connector Service.