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Integration for Biscom FAXCOM

Integration for Biscom FAXCOM
Foundation 22.1

Faxes on the fax server that have not been processed into OnBase are evaluated by the Fax Connector Service to see if they meet the conditions configured for import. Faxes that need to be archived in OnBase are rendered as TIFF images then imported into OnBase according to the configured import rules.

All faxes archived are marked as processed so they are not imported again. The original fax is not deleted from the fax server and its status on the server is not changed. This process is repeated during each polling interval, which occurs as often as is configured.

All activity regarding the import of faxes is logged to the Windows Event Viewer on the workstation where the Fax Connector Service is running and can also be viewed from the Event Log in the Fax Connector Configuration utility.

Users retrieve imported faxes directly from the OnBase client interface.