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Integration for Brainware Deployment Guide

Integration for Brainware Deployment Guide
Foundation 23.1

When exporting documents to and importing data from Brainware Intelligent Capture, the documents in OnBase are copied and exported to Brainware Intelligent Capture for processing with no user intervention. While Brainware processing takes place, the documents are locked in OnBase. Once Brainware Intelligent Capture has completed processing the documents, data is imported back into OnBase and applied to the corresponding documents with no user intervention.

If Brainware Intelligent Capture appends pages to a document, splits pages from a document, or reorders pages within a document during processing, a new document will be created in OnBase that incorporates the updates made in Brainware Intelligent Capture. The original document will also be deleted from OnBase in this case.

If a Verification Report is generated and a page append, split, or reorder occurs during Brainware Processing, the following information will be included in the Verification Report:

  • The details of any new documents that were created in OnBase.

  • Which operation (append, split, or reorder) occurred.

  • The page and Document ID of each source page used to generate each page of any newly created documents.