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Integration for CourtView

Integration for Courtview
Foundation 22.1

Create a Document Type Group for the Document Types under which documents will be archived using the enabled application, then create a Document Type for each type of document being archived.

Ensure that the Keyword Types assigned to each Document Type match the fields added to the page that will generate that Document Type.

If the following Document Types do not already exist, create them. A Document Type must be created for each type of document being archived. Assign these Document Types to the Document Type Group you created.

Document Type

CourtView documents archived

CV Docket - TIFF

The TIFF file format copy of the CourtView docket document.

CV Docket - TIFF [redacted]

A redacted version of the docket TIFF file archived in OnBase.

Assign Keyword Types to these Document Types using the Keyword Types created for use with the Integration for CourtView. The Docket ID Keyword value is also used to retrieve the document from OnBase for viewing in CourtView once the document is archived.

The document imported from CourtView is automatically converted to the TIFF file format before being archived in OnBase.