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Integration for CourtView

Integration for Courtview
Foundation 22.1

After installing the ACC Document Import Service you must update the configuration file of the service to reflect the output path for documents created by CourtView, the OnBase Document Type used to archive those documents, and the OnBase data source connection.

  1. Locate the Hyland.Core.ACCDocumentImport.NTService.exe.config file in the ACC Document Import Service installation location. In a default installation, this file is located at: C:\Program Files\Hyland\Services\ACC Document Import\.
  2. Open the file for editing in a plain-text editor, such as Notepad. Do not edit this file in a binary editor, such as Microsoft Word (binary editors can introduce invalid characters into the configuration file).
  3. Locate the AddFolder node in the <ImportFolderSettings>/<Folders> node.
  4. Update the value of the FilePath attribute to reflect the output folder of documents generated by CourtView (the location where the CourtView FormsGen places the Microsoft Word documents). To find this folder:
    1. Log in to CourtView.
    2. Select System Administration from the Modules menu.
    3. From the Codes menu, select Forms Generation | Document | All Documents.
    4. Double click any document in the list displayed.
    5. Note the value of the Save to Location field. This is the value to use in the FilePath attribute.
  5. Update the value of the DocumentTypeID attribute to reflect the ID number of the Document Type used to archive the documents in OnBase. To find the Document Type ID:
    1. Launch the OnBase Configuration module.
    2. Select Document Types from the Document menu.
    3. In the Document Type list, select the Document Type that is being used to archive CourtView the TIFF versions of the imported documents.

      If the Document Types were created using the suggested names, this is the CV Docket - TIFF Document Type. See Document Type Groups and Document Types in the Configuration chapter for details.

    4. In the upper right corner of the Document Types dialog box is Document Type # xxx, where xxx is the ID of the Document Type selected. This ID is the value to use in the DocumentTypeID attribute.
  6. Locate the ImporterSettings node.
  7. Update the value of the DataSource attribute with the name of the data source connection string configured for the ACC Document Import Service.
  8. Save and close the configuration file.