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Integration for CourtView

Integration for Courtview
Foundation 22.1

The Document Search Results list is a list of all documents that meet the search criteria in any of the following searches or contexts:

  • Document Type

  • Document Date

  • Keyword Value

  • Note

  • Folder

  • Envelope

  • Custom Query

Each item in a Document Search Results list identifies the Auto-Name assigned to the document. How documents are named varies between Document Types. The following example illustrates the appearance of a Document Search Results list.

You can change the height of the Document Search Results list by clicking and dragging the blue bar at the bottom of the Document Search Results list. If your system is configured to save the Document Search Results list height, the new height of the Document Search Results list will be saved as the default and will automatically open to that height the next time you execute a Document Search.

If the document names have been configured to use font attributes such as bold, italics and color, these attributes are visible in the Document Search Results list.


The number of documents found in the search is displayed at the bottom of the list. If the search returns more documents than allowed by your system administrator, the document counter does not increase past the maximum and a message is displayed stating the following: Results were limited, please refine your search.