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Integration for CourtView

Integration for Courtview
Foundation 22.1

Digital notes can be placed on documents and can be used for many purposes, including the following:

  • Emphasizing specific content within the document

  • Clarifying or explaining items in a document

  • Representing the current state of the document.

The characteristics of different Note Types are defined by your system administrator:

  • Some notes may be configured to hide by default. To view any hidden notes, you can display a list of all notes on the document and open any notes from the list.

  • Depending on your system setup and user privileges, you may be able to view, modify, delete or add notes to a Document Type, as well as set privacy options.

  • You can type text in notes and search for note text in Document Retrieval or Custom Queries. Some notes are configured with default text that is also searchable using Document Retrieval or Custom Queries.

  • Typically, notes are configured to show an Auto-Name string in the title bar, identifying the type of note when it is placed on a document. Other typical items in an Auto-Name string are note creation date and time and the name of the user who created the note.


Any time or date in the note Auto-Name string (the top line of the note header) respects the Windows Region and Language settings of the user applying the note at the time the note is added. The time and date in the second line of the note header respect the Windows Region and Language settings of the user currently viewing the note.