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Integration for DocuSign eSignature

Integration for DocuSign eSignature
Foundation 22.1

Certain modules and functionalities found within the OnBase Client and Configuration module require the use of the Application Server. To use these modules and functionalities within OnBase Client and Configuration module, you must define the Application Server.

To configure the Application Server:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Utils | Application Server. The Application Server Configuration dialog box is displayed:
  2. Enter the Application Server Path.
    For a typical installation, the path will be like the following: http://hostname/AppServer/Service.asmx. The path can be up to 255 characters.
  3. Enter the appropriate Datasource name that the Application Server will use.
  4. Click Save.

    When the Application Server is reset, all currently running Clients on a single workstation that is connected to the Application Server must be reset. If the Clients are not reset, any further attempted connections made to the Application Server will fail.