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Integration for DocuSign eSignature

Integration for DocuSign eSignature
Foundation 22.1

The Activity Log provides visibility and control over the logging information generated during the execution of scheduled processes. To view the Activity Log, follow these steps:

  1. From the OnBase Client, click Processing | Scheduler | Schedule Management. The Schedule Management dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click the Activity Log tab. The Activity Log is displayed.

    The Activity Log tab is only available if logging is enabled and at least one log entry exists.

  3. Select a log entry to view more information about that processing instance. Details on the selected instance are displayed in the Instance Details section in the upper right corner of the dialog box, and details on each event within that instance are displayed in the Events section in the bottom of the screen.

    Depending on your assigned product rights, you may be able to delete unneeded entries from the Activity Log. See the User Group Configuration for Product Rights section of the System Administration documentation for information on product rights.