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Integration for DocuSign eSignature

Integration for DocuSign eSignature
Foundation 22.1

Uploading an envelope is the first step in signing documents from OnBase using the DocuSign interface. Each document you upload to DocuSign on an ad hoc basis is defined as an envelope. Once an envelope is successfully uploaded, the signer or group of signers whose signatures are required on the document can sign it through the DocuSign interface.


If you are licensed for Workflow, you can automatically upload envelopes that can contain more than one document. For more information, see the Workflow system interaction section at the end of this chapter.

To upload an envelope, from the OnBase Client:

  1. Retrieve one or more documents you would like to upload to DocuSign.

    The documents selected must be a supported file type and belong to a Document Type configured for signing. Supported file types include PDF, Image Rendered PDF, image, text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. For more information, see your system administrator.

  2. Select one or more documents from the Document Search Results list.

    When multiple documents are selected, they will be uploaded to DocuSign as individual envelopes.

  3. From the results list, right-click and select Hosted Signing | Upload for Signing.

    When retrieving documents by Document Handle, DocuSign options are not available from the Document Search Results list.

    From PDF documents, you can also upload an open document displayed in the Document Viewer by selecting Hosted Signing | Upload for Signing from the Document Options icon.

    DocuSign does not allow you to upload documents larger than 25 MB.

    A confirmation message is displayed once the documents are successfully uploaded. Signers are notified via email that DocuSign is awaiting their signatures.

    Documents are automatically checked out after upload and cannot be modified by other users until returned to OnBase.


    If you modify the envelope within DocuSign, ensure signers do not have the option to print and sign the envelope. When users select to print and sign envelope, the documents contained within the envelope may not be able to be imported back into OnBase.