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Integration for DocuSign eSignature

Integration for DocuSign eSignature
Foundation 22.1

After a document is signed through the DocuSign interface, the sender is notified the document has been signed. The next step of the process is to check the status of the document. Checking the status of the document polls the DocuSign service.

If the DocuSign service indicates the document is signed by all required signers, the signed document is returned to OnBase. The subsequent document is a read-only PDF and either replaces the original document or is stored as a rendition of the original document, depending on your system configuration. The time the document is returned to OnBase is logged in the Document History.


If you are licensed for EDM Services, a signed document that is part of a revisable Document Type is stored as a read-only PDF revision of the original document. For more information on revisions, see the EDM Services documentation.

To poll the DocuSign service, from the Unity Client:

  1. Retrieve the appropriate document.
  2. From the Document Search Results list, either select or open the document. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click the document from the Document Search Results list or the document header (if opened) and select DocuSign | View DocuSign Status.

    • Click the DocuSign button from the Document tab and select View DocuSign Status.

  3. If the document is not in draft form, the Envelope History dialog box is displayed. If the document has been signed by all required signers, the document is updated to reflect the signatures in OnBase.

    The Envelope History dialog box displays the envelope history and details from DocuSign's website. For more information on the contents contained within this dialog box, refer to the DocuSign help files.

    If the document is currently in draft form, you are prompted to edit the document. For more information on editing a draft, see Modifying an Envelope.