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Integration for Duck Creek

Integration for Duck Creek
Foundation 24.1

The OnBase Integration for Duck Creek provides insurers with a complete view of their information so they can make better decisions, accelerate processes and deliver a better experience to the customer.

Validated by Duck Creek as a certified Anywhere Managed Integration (AMI), the OnBase Integration for Duck Creek can reduce the time of deployment by more than 50 percent and reduce the risk of upgrading both OnBase and Duck Creek.

Leveraging the OnBase Integration for Duck Creek, all content surrounding a specific claim is organized in a tabbed folder interface with supporting documents readily accessible. Claims adjusters can access those documents directly from Duck Creek, improving decision-making and eliminating the need to search through multiple applications, file shares, and paper records.

Missing or required information is easily tracked as the claim is being set up to ensure that it is collected and available for review before key determinations are made, and action can be taken when something is identified.

The OnBase Integration for Duck Creek retrieves information from Duck Creek to create claims correspondence and other related documents with minimal staff involvement. Activities automatically trigger workflow processes, initiating requests for information and assigning. Insurers optimize document and data management, increasing workforce productivity and improve their essential day-to-day processes.