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Integration for Epic MyChart

Integration for Epic MyChart
Foundation 23.1

If users are allowed to upload documents to OnBase, then a dedicated Document Type must be configured to store the uploaded documents. Users of the PPL application are not able to delete the documents they have uploaded.


This Document Type must be dedicated for use with the Integration for Epic MyChart. When a user reviews his or her upload history, the PPL application uses this Document Type to retrieve all documents indexed with the MPI of the associated MyChart account.

The Document Type must satisfy the following requirements. For detailed information about configuring Document Types, see the OnBase System Administration documentation.

Document Type Settings

Ensure the settings for the upload Document Type meet the following requirements:

  • The Document Type Group must not have Contains Medical Record Document Types selected. Uploaded documents should not be eligible for medical record attachment until after they have been reviewed using OnBase Workflow.

  • The Default File Format must be set to Image File Format.

User Group Assignment

Ensure the following User Groups are assigned to the upload Document Type:

  • The dedicated User Group configured for the PPL application

  • User Groups that need access for administrative purposes

Keyword Type Assignment

Ensure the following Keyword Types are assigned to the upload Document Type:

  • The Description Keyword Type (Keyword #1). This Keyword Type stores the document description provided by the user at the time of upload. The PPL application requires users to provide descriptions when uploading documents.

  • The MPI Number Keyword Type, which is mapped to the MPI Number chart data field (chart data field ID #1). This Keyword Type stores the MPI number of the record associated with the uploaded document. The MPI number is provided by Epic.