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Integration for Epic MyChart

Integration for Epic MyChart
Foundation 23.1

The following procedure describes how to create a URL to open the Patient Portal Link (PPL) application. Using this URL, you can test whether the PPL application is installed correctly.

You also need to understand the structure of PPL URLs to ensure Epic is configured correctly for this integration. For more information, see Epic Configuration.

To create a PPL URL:

  1. Start with the URL to the server where the PPL application is hosted.

    For example, if the DNS address of the server is my.server, then the server URL would be the following:


  2. Append the virtual path for the PPL application. To determine the virtual path, see Determining the Virtual Path.

    The URL now resembles one of the following examples:

    • https://my.server/WebApp/

    • https://my.server/ppl/WebApp

  3. Append the query string. To construct the query string, see Constructing the Query String.

    The URL now resembles one of the following examples:

    • https://my.server/WebApp/?arg=pcPEM+1P053AbWpFA...aGvoxk%3D

    • https://my.server/ppl/WebApp?arg=pcPEM+1P053AbWpFA...aGvoxk%3D

  4. Open the URL in a web browser. If the PPL home page is displayed, then the PPL application is installed correctly.