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Integration for Epic MyChart

Integration for Epic MyChart
Foundation 23.1

The PPL application is configured primarily using a file named config.json. It is recommended to have an understanding of JSON syntax before you modify this file. If necessary, consult a JSON reference.

CAUTION: Be very careful when updating the JSON configuration files. If a copy exists with a similar naming scheme (for example, appsettings.backup.json), and that copy is not deleted, the incorrect JSON configuration file may be used. Configuration files are read in lexicographic order, or the order in which they are loaded. This means that the last file saved is the first file loaded. The order of precedence for the loading of the configuration sources is: 1) appsettings.json file, 2) appsettings.{AltName}.json file, 3) Key-per-file directories, 4) Environment variables, and 5) Command Line arguments. As a result, if a JSON configuration file is configured with an alternate name, and is the most recently saved version of the JSON configuration file, the file with the alternate name will take precedence, which causes major errors during login.

If you are testing changes to the config.json file, be sure to clear the local browser cache to ensure the PPL application reflects your latest changes.

To configure config.json:

  1. Open config.json from the installation directory for the PPL application.
  2. Update the values described in the following sections.
  3. Save config.json.