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Integration for Epic MyChart

Integration for Epic MyChart
Foundation 23.1

Specifies the welcome message displayed below the navigation bar on the home page.

Enter the message text within the quotation marks. Do not include quotation marks within the message text. Welcome messages that exceed 40 characters will be truncated to 37 characters. An ellipsis (...) is displayed at the end of truncated messages.

To incorporate the patient name into the welcome message, use the following variables in the welcomeMessage value.

  • {0} - Use to represent the first name of the patient.

  • {1} - Use to represent the last name of the patient.

Be sure to include the {braces} surrounding the variable. For example:

"welcomeMessage": "Welcome {0} {1}"

If the patient's name is stored in OnBase as JOHN SMITH, this message would be displayed as follows:

Welcome John Smith

If the patient record in OnBase is missing the last name, the last name variable is ignored. For example:

Welcome John

If the patient record in OnBase is missing the first name, both variables are ignored. For example: