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Integration for Esker Fax

Integration for Esker Fax
Foundation 22.1

Click the Change Fax Processed Status tab to change the processed status of faxes. This allows you to flag faxes to be reprocessed or to not process certain faxes at all.


If the fax processor is currently running, click Pause Processing in the Processing ribbon group to pause the processor before marking or unmarking faxes.

  • Select Unmark Faxes to remove the processed mark on faxes. Unmarked faxes are reprocessed by the Fax Connector Service.

  • Select Mark Faxes to mark faxes as processed. Marked faxes are not processed by the Fax Connector Service.

Select one of the following options from the Mark Faxes By drop-down list to determine which faxes are marked/unmarked:

  • Fax Handle: Select to mark or unmark faxes by fax handle, then type one or more fax handles in the Fax Handles to Mark field and click Execute. Fax handles can be separated by commas, semi-colons, or spaces.

    The fax handle is a unique identifier used by the fax server to identify a specific fax. It must be retrieved from the fax server using the tools available from Esker Fax. For details on the tools available for Esker Fax, see the documentation provided by Esker.

  • User: Select to mark or unmark faxes by user or User Group. Select a user or User Group from the Modify faxes from this user drop-down list, or select <All> to modify faxes from all users and User Groups.

    To modify faxes within a specific date range, specify From and To date and time values in the fields provided. The first field after the label is the date and the second field is the time. If these fields are left empty, all faxes for the user selected are modified.

    Click Execute to modify the faxes.


Marking faxes changes objects on the fax server. If another integration is present on the fax server that uses the same objects, it can cause problems with the Fax Connector service.