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Integration for Esker Fax

Integration for Esker Fax
Foundation 22.1

When the Fax Connector Service Configuration utility is launched the Service Status pane is displayed. To return to this display later, click the machine name in the left pane of the machine that is running the service you need the status for.

The following information is contained in the Service Status pane:



Uptime (Minutes)

The amount of time (in minutes) that the service has been running.

Service Status

The status of the service.


The action currently being undertaken by the service.

Current User Progress

The number of users processed by the service. The bottom number indicates all users on the server. The top number indicates the users processed through all rules so far. For example, if 5/10 were displayed here, you would know that there are ten users on the service and the fifth user's faxes are currently being processed.

Polling Intervals Completed

The number of polling intervals that have been completed.

Total Faxes Archived

The total number of faxes archived in OnBase.

Faxes Archived Since Last Polling

The number of faxes archived since the last polling interval.

Rules Engine Real Time Status

The status pane displays the most recent 500 entries reported by the Fax Connector Service, ordered with the most recent activities first.

If available, the Clear button will clear all text from this field.

If the server machine name has (Modified) after it, that means the configuration settings for the service have been changed but have not yet been saved. Click Save Configuration on the Home ribbon to save the configuration.


After clicking Save Configuration, the Fax Connector Service begins processing faxes with the new configuration settings. If the service is already processing, the changes take effect immediately. If the service is paused, the changes take effect when Begin Processing is clicked.

Click Discard Changes on the Home ribbon to cancel any changes made since the configuration was last saved.