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Integration for Esker Fax

Integration for Esker Fax
Foundation 22.1

Integration for Esker Fax should not be installed on a Microsoft domain controller. Installation on a domain controller may cause permissions incompatibilities that will prevent the fax integration service from starting.

Integration for Esker Fax requires the following:

  • A functioning OnBase Application Server. For complete instructions on installing the OnBase Application Server, see the Application Server module reference guide.


    The OnBase Application Server must be installed at a location that is reachable via HTTP from the machine where the Fax Connector Service is installed.

  • An Esker Fax server must be installed and available to OnBase.


    For premise-based solutions, the Esker Fax server must be reachable via HTTP.

  • A Service Account in OnBase with the rights necessary to archive documents under the Document Types configured for use with Integration for Esker Fax. For complete instructions on configuring a Service Account in OnBase, see the System Administration module reference guide.

  • Port 8008 must be open to allow the Fax Connector Service Configuration utility to communicate with the Fax Connector Service.