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Integration for Esker Fax

Integration for Esker Fax
Foundation 23.1

Rules are used to determine how and whether a fax is archived in OnBase. If the Rule Conditions are not met, the fax is not archived. Faxes that meet the Rule Conditions are archived in OnBase under the Document Type and with Keyword Type values applied, as defined in the Archival Settings of the rule. Rules are applied to any fax that goes through the fax server.


If a new rule is added to a configuration after the Fax Connector Service has started processing faxes, only previously unarchived faxes are evaluated for the conditions of the new rules. Faxes that have already been archived into OnBase are not reprocessed. To reprocess faxes using the new rule, see the Administration section of this manual.

Configured rules are listed in the left pane under Rules. Enabled rules are depicted with a green flag, while disabled rules are depicted with a gray flag (for disabling or enabling rules, see the General Settings for Rules section of this manual). In this example, Rule 3 is disabled and the other rules are all enabled: