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Integration for GE Centricity

Integration for GE Centricity
Foundation 22.1

The Centricity Index Map is used to map values from the Centricity database to OnBase Keyword Types. While the data is stored on the documents and used to create LinkLogic files for Centricity, this data is only visible within OnBase as Keyword Values when mapped to OnBase Keyword Types. The Centricity/ OnBase value mappings are global and thus shared among all scan queues.


The Retrieval ID Centricity value must be mapped to a corresponding OnBase Keyword Type in order to include the Retrieval ID value in an .HT file and to retrieve OnBase documents from within the Centricity database.


By default, the Clinic Date Centricity value is mapped to the OnBase Document Date. While this automatic mapping cannot be changed, the Clinic Date Centricity value can also be mapped to an OnBase Keyword Type.

To map a Centricity value to a corresponding OnBase Keyword Type:

  1. From the Centricity Indexing tab of the Assign Process Options for <scan queue> dialog box, locate the Centricity Index Map and note the pre-populated Centricity values in the left column.
  2. Double-click on the Centricity value you wish to map. The Index Value Map dialog box is displayed.
  3. From the Keyword Type drop-down list, select the OnBase Keyword Type you wish to map the Centricity value to.
  4. Click Save & Close.