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Integration for GE Centricity

Integration for GE Centricity
Foundation 22.1

Once you have properly configured the Centricity element in the Front Office Scanning configuration file, the Front Office Scanning client automatically operates in Centricity lookup mode. In Centricity lookup mode, the Front Office Scanning client does not look for Data Set files and does not allow users to create Data Sets manually. Instead, when a user clicks any Document Type button, the Find Patient dialog box is launched. Once users enter the necessary info in the dialog box, the assigned Centricity database is searched for matching info to complete the rest of the patient record and assign its values to the document.

While clicking any Document Type button launches the Find Patient dialog box when the Front Office Scanning client is operating in Centricity lookup mode, you still must ensure that you configure an appropriate Document Type and related settings within the DocType element in the Front Office Scanning configuration file.

Additionally, when configuring a DocType element for Centricity, you have the option of adding Document Type comments within the comments sub-element.


The sample below contains only minimal settings to highlight Centricity-specific functionality. For more complete information on the settings that can be configured within the DocType element, see the Front Office Scanning module reference guide or help file.

<DocType name="MED - Clinical Document" required="false" displayname="Clinical Document" scanner="FUJITSU fi-5120Cdj">
<comment>pre-configured comment 1</comment>
<comment>pre-configured comment 2</comment>

The comments sub-element is composed of one or more comment sub-elements. Each comment sub-element represents one comment that will be available in the Find Patient dialog box's Document Type Comment drop-down list.

When desired for the Document Type, enter a comment directly between the comment tags.