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Integration for GE Centricity

Integration for GE Centricity
Foundation 22.1

While fully indexed batches are routed to LinkLogic automatically through custom processes, sometimes it may be necessary to manually route completed documents to LinkLogic before the batch has been fully indexed (e.g., one document in a batch requires supervisory review to be indexed, but business needs demand that the already-indexed documents in the batch be made available in Centricity as soon as possible). In these types of situations, you must route the indexed documents along for custom processing as a new batch, while leaving the unindexed documents in the original batch until they are completed.

To route indexed documents from a partially indexed batch along for custom processing:

  1. From the Indexing dialog box, click the Route Completed Documents button.
  2. Once you click this button, a confirmation message is displayed. To go forward with the procedure, click Yes.
  3. Once you confirm the procedure, an informational message is displayed, indicating how many documents have been routed along as a new batch. These are the documents from the original batch that have already been indexed; once they are routed along as a new batch, they will undergo custom processing for LinkLogic. The unindexed documents remain in the original batch until they are completed independently.