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Integration for GE Centricity

Integration for GE Centricity
Foundation 22.1

Using the Document Type Comment drop-down list, you can select a pre-configured comment to be assigned to documents belonging to the specified Document Type. Alternatively, if the list of pre-configured comments does not meet your needs, you can enter your own text in the Document Type Comment field (up to 255 characters). Once a Document Type is assigned, the first n characters selected/entered for the Document Type Comment will be displayed in the Centricity database's document list entry.

Additionally, you can enter a separate, potentially much longer, comment in the Comment field (up to 64,000 characters). Depending on your configuration, this field may be automatically populated when a Document Type is selected, up to the allowed length of the Keyword Type to which the field is mapped. Regardless of the allowed length of any mapped Keyword Type, however, all of the text you enter in the Comment field will be included in the LinkLogic transfer file and, within Centricity, will appear in the lower pane of the patient window when the document list entry for this document is highlighted.