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Integration for GE Centricity

Integration for GE Centricity
Foundation 22.1

The Integration for GE Centricity can be used in conjunction with the Front Office Scanning module to perform patient lookups in the Centricity database when scanning or importing documents in the Front Office Scanning client. Once a patient lookup is performed, the appropriate values from the Centricity database are assigned to the mapped OnBase Keyword Values on the current document (i.e., in place of standard Front Office Scanning Data Sets). When the document is uploaded to OnBase, it enters a scan queue through which it undergoes custom processing to convert its Keyword Values from Front Office Scanning into the proper format to pass to Centricity.

To perform a patient lookup:

  1. In the Front Office Scanning client, click the appropriate input button. Depending on your configuration, multiple input buttons may be available.
  2. Once the documents have been scanned or imported into the Front Office Scanning client, click the appropriate Document Type button. The Find Patient dialog box is displayed.
  3. Using the Search by, Search method, and Search location drop-down lists, select the desired search criteria.
  4. If you wish to search only active patient records, select Search Active Patients Only.
  5. In the Search for field, enter the text you wish to search for and click Search. Any matching results are displayed in the Search results table.
  6. From the Search results table, select the appropriate patient record.
  7. Using the Provider Name drop-down list, select the name of the primary provider.
    • If you wish to select more than one primary provider, click the Multiple button. The Multiple Providers dialog box is displayed.

      Select the name of each desired provider in the list, and then click OK to return to the Find Patient dialog box.


    While only one name can be displayed in the Provider Name drop-down list at a time, multiple provider name selections are still respected and used for the lookup in the Centricity database.

  8. Using the Care Location drop-down list, select the desired location of care.
  9. Using the Clinic Date calendar and time fields, select the appropriate clinical date and time.
  10. Using the Document Type Comment drop-down list, if available, select a pre-configured Document Type comment. Alternatively, you can enter a new comment in the text field.
  11. Select or deselect the Signed, Sensitive, and Linked options, as appropriate.
    • Some Centricity documents require signatures. The Signed attribute indicates whether a document has been marked as signed.

    • Some Centricity documents contain sensitive information. The Sensitive attribute indicates whether a document has been marked as sensitive.

    • The Linked attribute indicates whether a document is sent to the Centricity database during the configured scan queue's export process. Documents marked as linked are included in the LinkLogic file created for the batch, while documents not marked as linked are not included in the LinkLogic file and only exist within the OnBase repository.

  12. When finished setting your search criteria for the patient lookup, click OK to return to the Front Office Scanning client. The document is cleared from the Working window, a check mark is displayed over the selected Document Type button, and the Document Type button is no longer enabled.
    • If you are ready to upload the document to OnBase, click Upload Images. The document is uploaded to OnBase as part of a batch belonging to the configured scan queue, where it can undergo further processing via Document Imaging. For more information on performing Document Imaging processing in conjunction with your Centricity integration, see Centricity Document Imaging.

    • If you do not wish to upload the document to OnBase, click Discard Images.