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Integration for Guidewire InsuranceSuite

Integration for Guidewire InsuranceSuite
Foundation 22.1

The OnBase Integration for Guidewire InsuranceSuite streamlines insurance processes and improves access to information, while automating previously manual tasks. For example, OnBase captures and stores insurance claim-related documents electronically, linking them to the associated claims data within Guidewire. Insurance personnel can instantly access these documents directly from Guidewire, improving decision-making and eliminating the need to search through multiple applications, file shares, or paper records.

With the OnBase Integration for Guidewire, insurance adjusters have instant access to the information they need to accurately investigate and settle a claim, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of costly claims leakage. Documents such as claims photos, first notice of loss documents, and medical documentation are only a click away, thereby accelerating the claims process, reducing bottlenecks, and facilitating timely decisions. By automatically generating acknowledgment letters and requests for additional information, OnBase enables adjusters to focus on higher-value initiatives such as interviewing key individuals and examining the important documents surrounding a claim. Guidewire can also trigger related OnBase processes using OnBase Workflow, such as assigning necessary internal tasks and alerting third parties that support critical activities, including subrogation, litigation, and medical review.