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Integration for Guidewire InsuranceSuite

Integration for Guidewire InsuranceSuite
Foundation 22.1

To view a document related to a Guidewire claim or policy from your Guidewire portal application, follow these steps:

  1. Open a claim or policy within your Guidewire portal application.
  2. Click the Documents menu option. A list of related documents in OnBase is displayed within the Guidewire application.
    You can sort the list of related documents by clicking on a column name (i.e. Name, Document Type, etc).

    You can also filter the list of documents using the Search documents bar at the top of the Documents dialog box.

  3. If desired, you can click the thumbnail toggle button to display the list of documents using the documents' thumbnails instead of document name.
    In thumbnail mode, you can sort the list of related documents by selecting a sort criteria from the Sort drop-down list (i.e. Name, Document Type, etc).
  4. Click the name of the document or thumbnail for the document you want to view. The document is displayed.

    Depending on your system's configuration and the type of document selected, the document may be displayed using a viewer embedded in the portal application or using the dynamic viewer, which displays the document using the DocPop or PDFPop viewer. Documents that cannot be displayed through using either of these viewers must be downloaded to be viewed using the document's native application.