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Integration for Medical Imaging Viewer (Calgary Scientific)

Integration for Medical Imaging Viewer (Calgary Scientific)
Foundation 23.1

In addition to displaying DICOM documents that OnBase has record of, OnBase Patient Window also can retrieve and display external studies. External studies are DICOM studies OnBase is not aware of because their information has not been imported from the source DICOM system. The retrieval of external studies is called federated searching.

When the integrated viewer is configured for federated searching, the Find More Studies button is available when you view a patient's record.

To retrieve external studies:

  1. Rest your pointer over the main menu icon.
  2. Click Find More Studies to execute a federated search.
    • OnBase Patient Window retrieves external studies using the associated patient identifier.

    • If your system is integrated with multiple medical imaging viewers, the Find More Studies button can retrieve studies using each viewer configured for federated searching.

  3. Review the matching external studies.
    • OnBase Patient Window adds external studies to the Other tab.

    • In timeline mode, external studies are organized according to the dates associated with them in the DICOM system. If no date is associated with the study, OnBase Patient Window uses the date from the Application Server at the time the study was retrieved.

  4. Double-click an external study to open it.

    If you return to a patient's record after viewing another record, you must click the Find More Studies button again to retrieve external studies.


    Some OnBase Patient Window features are not available for studies retrieved using the Find More Studies button. These studies cannot be added to cases, filtered from the document list, submitted for document corrections, or viewed in split view mode. Confidentiality codes are not applicable to external studies at the document or chart level. Clicking Previous Page or Next Page from an external study will display the previous or next document, respectively.