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Integration for Medical Imaging Viewer (TeraRecon)

Integration for Medical Imaging Viewer (TeraRecon)
Foundation 22.1

Follow these steps to configure the DICOM Processor to create placeholder documents for all of the patient's existing studies in the external DICOM repository. For detailed HL7 import process configuration information, see the HL7 Module module reference guide.

  1. Configure the parameters for your DICOM integration under Medical | DICOM | Viewer Integration Settings.
  2. Map the $$DICOMPATIENTID default value to the MPI number in the HL7 message template.
    The HL7 DICOM Processor uses the MPI to find all of a patient's studies in the DICOM repository.
  3. To store the study date as a Keyword Value on placeholder documents, do the following:
    1. Create a Keyword Type to store study dates.
    2. Map the Keyword Type to the DICOM - Study Date chart data field.1
    3. Assign the Keyword Type to the Document Type used to store DICOM study documents.
  4. Configure the options for the DICOM Processor import process:
    1. From the Document Type drop-down list, select the Document Type where DICOM study documents should be stored. All studies retrieved by the federated search will be stored under this Document Type.
    2. From the DICOM Repository drop-down list, select the medical imaging viewer integration.
    3. Select the Execute Federated Search option to use the MPI value in the $$DICOMPATIENTID field to locate and create documents for all of the patient's studies existing in the DICOM repository. This option requires the -HL7DICOMPROCESSOR command line switch.
      You can see which field is configured as the $$DICOMPATIENTID by checking the Message Template field settings | Patient ID field. This field is displayed when you select Execute Federated Search.
  5. Run a client process with the -HL7DICOMPROCESSOR command line switch. This switch is required for performing the federated search and creating the placeholder documents.
1 The DICOM - Study Date chart data field extracts study dates only from DICOM data retrieved through an HL7 federated search. This field does not extract study dates from HL7 message data, and it cannot be mapped to an HL7 message field.