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Integration for Medical Imaging Viewer (Vital Images)

Integration for Medical Imaging Viewer (Vital Images)
Foundation 22.1

The following VitreaView integration parameters must be configured.




Specifies the VitreaView server address. This value is used to construct URLs for retrieving studies using VitreaView. Do not include the protocol (HTTP, HTTPS). For example:



To use a specific port number, append it to the server address. For example: server.com:8080

Static Parameters

Specifies additional parameters to append to the web request when a study is viewed.

These must be formatted as URL query string parameters, where multiple key/value pairs are separated with an ampersand (&). For example: key1=value1&key2=value2.

A single key/value pair does not require an ampersand. For example: key1=value1.

The default value is blank. For information about available parameters, refer to the VitreaView documentation.

Viewer Path

Provides a relative path to the VitreaView Default.aspx page. This page is located in the root of the VitreaView virtual directory.

For example, if the VitreaView virtual directory is named VVD, then the Viewer Path value might be /VVD/Default.aspx

The default value is blank.

Viewer URL Encryption

Enables encryption using Triple DES (3DES). Valid values are 1(for 3DES encryption) and 0(for no encryption).

The default value is 1.

Shared Secret

The value the integration uses to establish a trust relationship between OnBase and VitreaView when Viewer URL Encryption is set to 1. This value is ignored if Viewer URL Encryption is set to 0.

If encryption is enabled, the Shared Secret value must match the shared secret configured for the VitreaView server. For information about selecting and configuring the shared secret for VitreaView, refer to the VitreaView documentation.

The default value is blank.

Enable HTTPS

Controls the protocol the integration uses when performing web requests to the VitreaView server. Valid values are 1(for https) and 0(for http). The default and recommended value is 1.

When this value is 0, the integration's connections to the VitreaView server are insecure. Ensure you understand the risks associated with insecure connections before setting this value to 0.


If the OnBase Patient Window is configured to use HTTPS but VitreaView is not, then Firefox blocks VitreaView from loading. Internet Explorer allows VitreaView to load in a mixed environment only if the browser's Display mixed content security setting is enabled.

Enable Federated Search

This setting is reserved for future development. Ensure this setting is 0(the default value).