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Integration for Optum CAC

Integration for Optum CAC
Foundation 22.1

Documents retrieved through Optum Enterprise CAC must be configured with the following Keyword Types (names may vary depending on your system's configuration):

  • Date of Service

  • Patient Account Number

  • Patient Date of Birth (DOB)—Optional, but recommended

  • Patient First Name

  • Patient Last Name

  • Patient Medical Record Number (MRN)

  • Patient Middle Initial

  • Patient Sex—The only acceptable values are M, F, and U.

When transmitted in an HL7 message, these values help Optum Enterprise CAC identify the correct encounter for the document.

  1. Make sure the applicable OnBase Document Types are configured with these Keyword Types.
  2. At the Document Type level, designate these Keyword Types as required for new documents.
  3. To ensure Optum can identify and associate OnBase documents with the correct encounters, map the OnBase Document Type numbers to their respective Optum document types. See Optum Document Type Mapping.