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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

With the proper setup, the Data Capture Server Windows Service can run scheduled VB Scripts that import vendor data into your system on a regular basis. In addition to the file that contains the vendor data to be imported into your system, this process requires an XML configuration file that tells the service where to find and how to read the vendor data file, as well as a VB Script that tells the service where to find the XML configuration file. Once all of these pieces are in place, you can schedule a vendor import process in the Data Capture Configuration Tool.

To configure a scheduled vendor import process:

  1. Create an XML configuration file that can properly read your vendor data import file. See Creating a Vendor Import Configuration File for more information.
  2. Create a VB Script that can locate the XML configuration file and execute the vendor data import process. See Creating a VB Script for more information.
  3. Schedule a process to run the VB Script at regular intervals. See Scheduling a Vendor Import Process for more information.
  4. Start (or, if already started, restart) the Data Capture Server Windows Service. To start or restart the service, use the Windows Administrative Tools (see the Windows help files for details).