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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

Intelligent Capture for AP configuration settings and/or learned data can be imported into/exported from your system. This allows you to share data you have created with another Intelligent Capture for AP solution, or vice versa. The ability to import/export vendor data can be especially useful when exporting data from a test system and then importing it into a production system, for instance. The import/export process can reduce or eliminate the need for an administrator to repeat numerous configuration steps or to reproduce the same learned data.


Do not attempt to use the import/export process to copy vendor data between ERP systems within the same Intelligent Capture for AP solution. Doing so may result in vendor data loss.

Once exported, the Intelligent Capture for AP data is saved as XML files for easy transmittal.

To begin the import/export process:

  1. Within the Data Capture Configuration window, once you select Import/Export and proceed, the AP Import/Export screen is displayed.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you want to import vendor data into your Intelligent Capture for AP system, select Import and browse to the appropriate XML file.

    • If you want to export vendor data from your Intelligent Capture for AP system into an XML file, select Export, browse to the location where the XML file will be placed, and name the XML file.

  3. If you want to include learned data from training in the import/export, select Include Training Data.

    Selecting Include Training Data can reduce the amount of learning required during the ICAP process. If you do not select this option, learned data is omitted from the XML file and invoices processed in a production system, for instance, must re-learn data during the ICAP process.

  4. Once your options are set, click Next >. Then, depending on your selected process, follow the procedures in the appropriate section below: