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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

Within the Data Capture Configuration window, once you select First Time Setup and proceed, you are guided in succession through each of the configuration stages outlined in the sections below. Once you complete a configuration stage, you are immediately taken to the next stage, and you are only taken to the Summary screen after you have completed all configuration stages.

As you proceed through your solution's first time setup, you are taken through the configuration stages in the following order. In each stage, refer to the applicable sections below for detailed procedures.

  1. ERP System Setup (see Setting Up an ERP System).
  2. AP Data Type Mapping (see Mapping AP Data Types).
  3. AP Vendor File Import (see Importing Vendor Data From a File).
  4. AP Vendor Data Import Scheduling (see Configuring a Scheduled Vendor Import Process).

    The AP Vendor Data Administration stage (i.e., modifying/deleting existing vendor data, or adding new vendor data on an individual basis) is not part of the first time setup configuration. For information on vendor data administration procedures, see Modifying Vendor Data.


    The AP Import/Export configuration stage (i.e., importing/exporting data between systems) is not part of the first time setup configuration. For information on import/export procedures, see Importing/Exporting Vendor Data Across Different Systems.