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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

Once a scan queue has been enabled for custom capture processes, you can configure the custom capture process in OnBase Studio. The capture process must include a status step for ICAP Processing and its related configuration settings.

To configure a custom capture process to perform ICAP processing and index verification:

  1. In OnBase Studio, select the Capture Process tab in the Repositories pane. This tab lists the scan queues enabled for custom capture processes.
  2. Within the Capture Process tab, open the scan queue and capture process to be used for ICAP processing. The capture process is displayed in the design view pane.
  3. Drag the ICAP Processing status step from the Toolbox pane to the design view pane.

    The ICAP Indexing status step is automatically added to the design view pane when the ICAP Processing status step is dragged from the Toolbox pane to the design view pane.

  4. Select the Evaluator that will connect the ICAP Processing status step to the ICAP Indexing status step.
  5. The ICAP Processing status step and the ICAP Indexing step are displayed in the design view pane. The focus is set to the ICAP Processing status step, and the sub-options for ICAP Processing are displayed on the General tab in the Properties pane.
  6. If you want to automatically mark documents for index verification to be performed in the next configured Index status step, regardless of whether any Keyword Values have been marked as suspect during ICAP processing, select the Always Require Document Verification sub-option.

    If your solution will use the Intelligent Capture for AP engine's Document Type classification methods, it is recommended that you select Always Require Document Verification. This ensures that users will have the opportunity to review the Document Types assigned by the engine.

  7. If you want to prevent the Intelligent Capture for AP engine from automatically performing document separation for single- and multi-page invoices, select the Disable Automatic Document Separation sub-option.

    Because the Intelligent Capture for AP engine cannot separate PDF documents, it is recommended that you select Disable Automatic Document Separation if your solution processes PDF documents.

  8. In the capture process design view, select the ICAP Indexing status step configured for performing Intelligent Capture for AP index verification. The indexing process options are displayed in the General tab of the Properties pane.
  9. Select ICAP Indexing in the ICAP Processing section. This option enables ICAP verification during indexing.
  10. Select Interactive Data Capture in the Interactive Data Capture section. This option enables the Interactive Data Capture methods that are used to train the ICAP engine.
  11. Use the Evaluator connectors to integrate the ICAP Processing status step into the capture process.
  12. Complete the rest of the capture process by adding and configuring any other status steps and evaluators as needed for your solution.
  13. When you are finished configuring the capture process, save the changes and publish the capture process.