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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

For batch licenses, the number of OCR worker processes created depends on the number of Units that have been allocated to the workstation by a system administrator (see Assigning Units to a Workstation for more information). When compared to the calculation for institutional licenses, this Units number replaces the number of available cores in the equation. Aside from this difference, the calculation for batch licenses is the same (i.e., multiply the starting number by two, then divide by four).

Furthermore, unlike the handling of multiple on-demand products, separate sets of batch OCR workers can be created when multiple batch products are licensed on the workstation.

For example, apply the formula to a workstation that has been allocated twelve Units of Full-Page OCR:

(# of Units) * 2 = (# of OCR worker threads) / 4 = (# of batch OCR workers created)

Full-Page OCR: 12 Units * 2 = 24 OCR worker threads / 4 = 6 batch OCR workers

Total: 6 batch OCR workers

The following batch licenses are available for Data Capture Server products:

  • Full-Page OCR