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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

Intelligent Capture for AP license is required for each server that is running the Data Capture Server Windows Service.


The Data Capture Server Windows Service may be installed on multiple servers, but the number of available licenses controls the number of instances of the service that can be run concurrently.

Additionally, in order to import the batches of unindexed documents that are able to undergo Intelligent Capture for AP(in addition to the existing documents that comprise any Intelligent Capture for AP training sets), your OnBase solution must be licensed for one or more batch import modules (e.g., Document Imaging, Disconnected Scanning, Document Import Processor, etc.).

To extract Keyword Values from bar codes, your solution must be licensed with either a Bar Code Recognition Server license or a Bar Code Recognition for Advanced Capture license.

For more information on these modules and their required licensing, see their respective module reference guides or help files.


The Interactive Data Capture license is included with the Intelligent Capture for AP license. This means that users of Intelligent Capture for AP will automatically have access to full Interactive Data Capture functionality. For more information, see the Interactive Data Capture module reference guide.

Check your current licensing status by clicking Utils | Product Licenses from the OnBase Configuration module.