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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 22.1

As with single-instance Keyword Values, you can use Interactive Data Capture's advanced indexing features (i.e., Auto-Complete indexing, Point and Click indexing, and Swiping) to train the Intelligent Capture for AP engine to learn where to find multi-instance Keyword Values on documents. However, Interactive Data Capture indexing is not supported when the focus is in the Line Item Extraction Verification panel. If you wish to use any of the Interactive Data Capture advanced indexing features for line items, you must first click in the appropriate Keyword Type field in the standard Keyword panel.


When using Interactive Data Capture, all three indexing methods will strip any extra decimal places from extracted values and round appropriately to satisfy the formatting requirements of Currency or Numeric Keyword Types (e.g., an extracted value of $32.5000 will be populated as $32.50 for a Currency Keyword Type, 1.000 will be populated as 1 for a Numeric Keyword Type, etc.).

To train the Intelligent Capture for AP engine to learn where to find line item values on documents with more challengingly formatted tables (i.e., tables that include multi-line cells, staggered columns, etc.), you can use the Interactive Data Capture indexing features to take any of the actions described below.