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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

Prior to configuring Intelligent Capture for AP, if desired, you can create a custom OCR format, assign the OCR format to a Document Type, and assign the Document Type as the default Document Type for a scan queue that will undergo ICAP processing.

If you do not want to configure a custom OCR format for your solution, the <Default> OCR format will be used for ICAP processing. Ensure that you configure the <Default> OCR format's settings appropriately for your needs.


Intelligent Capture for AP is capable of processing any combination of the languages listed on the Language Selection screen of the Data Capture Configuration Tool. In order for Intelligent Capture for AP to identify and process multiple languages, the OCR format used for ICAP processing must be configured to recognize those languages. See Mapping AP Data Types for more information on the languages supported by Intelligent Capture for AP.


When configuring either a custom OCR format or the <Default> OCR format, set the Recognizer setting to Most accurate. This ensures that accuracy is given precedence over processing speed.

For more information on configuring an OCR format, see the Full-Page OCR module reference guide or help files.