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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

Each OnBase Document Type used for Intelligent Capture for AP is mapped to one of the pre-configured AP Document Types, depending on how the Document Type is to be used in the solution.

Primary AP Document Types allow you to extract data from standard AP documents and automatically index OnBase Document Types with the extracted Keyword Values. Primary AP Document Types include the following:

  • PO Invoice

  • Non-PO Invoice

  • Purchase Order

  • Packing Slip

  • Bill of Lading


The Invoice (General) and Credit Memo AP Document Types are reserved for future functionality.

Secondary AP Document Types are used to capture additional types of documents that are not identifiable as a primary AP Document Type. The following table lists the secondary AP Document Types and how they are used:

Secondary AP Document Type


AP Unknown

Used for documents that cannot be immediately identified before scanning or sweeping. The Intelligent Capture for AP classification process attempts to identify the correct AP Document Type and automatically reassigns the document to one of the other Document Types in the current scan queue.

When the ICAP engine reassigns an AP Unknown document, any Keyword Values indexed prior to ICAP processing (for example, through manual pre-indexing or bar code processing) are retained and carried over to the newly identified Document Type.

If multiple Document Types could be assigned by ICAP classification, the OnBase Document Type mapped to the AP Unknown AP Document Type must contain a superset of all of the Keyword Types that could be passed to the various possible Document Types in the scan queue.

Because this AP Document Type is intended to be reassigned to a primary AP Document Type, AP Unknown documents are excluded from OCR data extraction and ICAP learning. However, if the ICAP engine automatically reassigns an AP Unknown document to a primary AP Document Type, OCR extraction and ICAP learning can occur for the reassigned document.


The AP Unknown AP Document Type is the only Document Type that the ICAP engine will reassign to another Document Type. If any other Document Type is assigned to a document, the engine does not perform Document Type classification on that document.

AP Support

Used for supplementary documents, such as supporting documentation or attachments, that do not contain information needing to be extracted.

To save time on processing, AP Support documents are excluded from OCR extraction and ICAP processing, and ICAP learning does not occur for this AP Document Type.

AP Miscellaneous

Used for AP documents that do not belong to a primary AP Document Type but still contain information that needs to be extracted.

Because AP Miscellaneous is used for extracting data, documents are included in OCR extraction and ICAP processing, and ICAP learning does occur for this AP Document Type.