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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

For institutional licenses, the number of OCR worker processes created depends on the number of CPU cores available on the workstation. To determine a total saturation level for OCR work on the system, the number of cores on the workstation is multiplied by two. Since each OCR worker process can handle up to four documents at once, the OCR saturation level is then divided by four to determine the number of OCR worker processes to create.

For example, apply this formula to a six-core system:

(# of cores) * 2 = (# of OCR worker threads) / 4 = (# of on-demand OCR workers created)

6 cores * 2 = 12 OCR worker threads / 4 = 3 on-demand OCR workers


If more than one on-demand product is licensed, only one set of on-demand OCR workers is created for all on-demand products on the workstation.

The following institutional licenses are available for Data Capture Server on-demand products:

  • Interactive Data Capture

  • OCR for Application Enabler