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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

The vendor data in an ERP system can become stuck in a locked state due to unforeseen issues. For example, the ERP system may become locked if the Data Capture Server is stopped during a scheduled vendor import process.

If an ERP system is locked, learned vendor data in the ERP system is unavailable for ICAP processing, and vendor names and numbers are not identified for processed documents. The following error message is sent to the Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console: Hyland.DataCapture.Server: Intelligent Capture for AP could not be performed because no extraction data was available.

To resolve this issue, an administrator can manually unlock a locked ERP system using the Data Capture Configuration Tool.


Manually unlocking an ERP system should only be done if the ERP system is locked. Unlocking an ERP system during an active vendor data update could result in data conflicts for the Intelligent Capture for AP engine.

To unlock a locked ERP system:

  1. Log into the Data Capture Configuration Tool.
  2. Select the Intelligent Capture for AP product option and click Next. The AP Configuration Options screen is displayed.
  3. Select Configure ERP Vendor Data and click Next. The ERP System Setup screen is displayed.
  4. Select the locked ERP system in the Configured ERP Systems list.
  5. Click Unlock. A warning message is displayed.
  6. Click Yes. A confirmation message is displayed to confirm that the ERP system was successfully unlocked.
  7. Click OK.