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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

It is recommended that you create Keyword Type Groups with the Allow Null Values setting enabled.

When this setting is selected, OnBase considers unindexed values null, which allows Intelligent Capture for AP to apply extracted values to the empty Keyword Types in the Keyword Type Group.

If you do not allow null values, OnBase inserts default values for unindexed Keyword Types with Date, Date & Time, Numeric, or Currency Data Types (for example, $0.00 for a Currency Data Type). With the default values applied, these Keyword Types are no longer considered unindexed, which prevents Intelligent Capture for AP from applying extracted values.

The Allow Null Values setting is automatically enabled when creating a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group, but you must enable it manually when creating a standard Single-Instance Keyword Type Group. Once you have selected Allow Null Values and saved the settings, you cannot deselect it.