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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

To improve the Intelligent Capture for AP engine's ability to accurately index documents without manual user intervention, you can train the engine to find document identifiers and Keyword Values by performing index verification on batches that have already undergone Intelligent Capture for AP processing. In confirming or correcting the indexing results achieved by the engine, you provide the engine with "feedback" on how effective its indexing logic was for processing a given batch. The engine can then incorporate this feedback when processing batches for the same vendor going forward, effectively honing its indexing logic and steadily improving over time.

To expedite the index verification process and to ensure that your confirmed/corrected values will be used to train the engine, you can use any or all of the Interactive Data Capture product's three indexing methods (i.e., Auto-Complete indexing, Point and Click indexing, or Swiping). For more information on these methods, see the Interactive Data Capture module reference guide.